Season 1 - Week 9

Cape Cod - 2

  PaZ PaTD

Saskatoon - 34

  PaZ PaTD
Cheatham 9 1
  RuZ RuTD
Schutt 2 0
Adams 1 0
  RuZ RuTD
Culver 9 0
Brown 7 0
Hicks 3 0
  ReZ ReTD
  ReZ ReTD
Brown 3 1
Hicks 6 0
Mcdaniel 3
Meredith 1
Culver 1
Rochelle 1
Lehmann 1
Eubank 2

Game Notes

First half of the game, neither offence could get any rhythm - CCL: DL McDaniel and SSK DB Eubank made 2 stops each, one of Eubanks stops was a safety return off an interception that cancelled out a short gain. McDaniel gets his 3rd stop but Saskatoon found a way to score on the drive before. Both defenses came to play! SSK DL Kelly gets Saskatoon's second safety in the next drive, stunning Schutt. In the end, the Lobsters had 4 stops, the Storm 5 and it was 3 big plays from Amber Brown and steady grinding by Culver that made the difference.

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